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Phoenica: technical information

Phoenica is a very detailed font with numerous typographic finesses. It has been created according to the GTF-UNI standard. For technical details read the lower table or click on the according icon.


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controlsBasic LatinLatin 1 SupplementLatin Extended-ALatin Extended-Bspacing modifer letterscombining diacritic marksgenerals punktuationSuperscript and SubscriptCurrency SymbolsNumber FormsAlphabetic Presentation FormsPrivate Use AreaGreek and CopticCyrillicArrowsMiscellaneous Symbols
Access All AlternatesContextual AlternatesCase-Sensitive FormsCapital SpacingSmall Capitals From CapitalsDiscretionary LigaturesDenominatorsFractionsKerningStandard LigaturesLining FiguresLocalized FormsNumeratorsOldstyle FiguresOrdinalsOrnamentsProportional FiguresStylistic AlternatesScientific InferiorsSmall CapitalsSubscriptSuperscriptTabular FiguresSlashed Zero


Font Encoding Type: Unicode (ISO 10646-2)


Supported Code Pages:

1252 Latin 1
1250 Latin 2 (East-Europe)
1251 Cyrillic
1253 Greek
1254 Turkish
1257 Baltic
ISO Adobe
Mac Roman