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GTF Font Standards

All fonts which we introduce you have been selected according to the GTF standards.
This includes an elaborate development work lasting several months up to several years till the  finishing of a type family.


Among the regular standard character encoding (Basic Latin-1, as known from Type-1) you get also extended Latin character encodings as Latin-Extended-A and a numerous number of characters  which are indispensable  for  good typographic working. With our fonts you will be able to write texts in the most Latin languages. In addition GTF fonts contain a German cap and small cap letter Eszett / sharp s (majuscule ß), we have been trying to incorporate this character into the Unicode font.
With typographic first-class equipped fonts based on a modern DTP practice.
We do not need to point out that they are PRO fonts as PRO is our intrinsic standard. However, GTF fonts differ in various levels of configuration:


- Configuration level Standard [STD]

- Configuration level Professional [PRO]

- Configuration level Universal [UNI]


You will find more details in the respective font samples.

You will find an overview of the languages supported by GTF in the regular configuration level [PRO].